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What Is A Decentralized Autonomous Economy (DAE)?

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PHI Network is the worlds first, largest and only decentralized autonomous economy “DAE”.

What does that mean?

What Is A Decentralized Autonomous Economy?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralized currencies which operate and are influenced by the centralized economy. Decentralized autonomous economies are similar to the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization but instead of the decentralized autonomous operations being an organization it is an economy.

What is The Reason For A Decentralized Autonomous Economy?

The reason for a Decentralized Autonomous Economy is to create a more private, secure & free system. In order to have truly decentralized autonomous organizations and corporations we first need to create those in a decentralized autonomous economy so the underlying value of the company or organization is not eroded by the same inflation & manipulation that is eroding the rest of the centralized markets.

How Does A Decentralized Autonomous Economy Work?

A Decentralized Autonomous Economy is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that uses blockchain, smart contracts and fair mining distribution to create a decentralized economy. This economy relies on the fair distribution of the underlying currency. The benefits of the DAE include: financial freedom, higher returns, economic stability, convenience and ease of use.

Decentralized Autonomous Economies Can Be Seen As The Future. They Provide Security and Freedom, Can Be Used & Run By Anyone Without The Need For A Centralized Authority Or Government. DAEs are giant ecosystems whose infrastructure is governed peer to peer through blockchain and smart contracts.

Modern day economies are controlled and influenced by central banks and the Government. A decentralized economy is a way to keep your assets safe due to its freedom from government control, inflation & regulations. It gives you the options of creating your own currency that can be used for trade & Organizational Governance plus many more advanced features.

What Problem Does A Decentralized Autonomous Economy Fix?

When you create a decentralized autonomous organization or corporation, there are some things that need to be considered. When a decentralized autonomous organization launches an NFT project or token, the underlying blockchain has an effect on the organization and corporation. If the underlying blockchain is influenced by the centralized economy and fiat currencies, there are a wide variety of issues that can arise that are outside of the organization or corporation’s control or governance, especially when it comes to price fluctuations. If you want to create a decentralized autonomous organization, you need to start with a stable decentralized economy, and currency to ensure smooth operations for all parties involved.

Example: The Organization Launches An NFT Project Or Token To Be The Tool For Governance. Ethereum Blockchain Which Is Governed By Ether A Decentralized Currency But Not A Decentralized Economy Is Effected By The Centralized Economy And Fiat Money. The Governing Decisions In The Centralized Economy Effect The Price Of Ether & The Ecosystem of Ethereum. If The Price Of Ether Decreases By 50% Because Of The Effects Of The Centralized Economy and Fiat Centralized Currencies The NFT As Well As The Token Are Now Worth 50% Less As Well Hurting The Organization and or Corporation.

When Decentralized Autonomous Organizations & Corporations Are Built In a Decentralized Autonomous Economy It Is No Longer Influenced By Any Centralized Economy Or Authorities Which Allows The DAO & The DAC To Fully & Freely Operate As Intended.

What Is PHI Network?

The PHI Network Is A Decentralized Autonomous Economy, A Public Good Governed By Its Users, That Is Focused On Education through Entertainment At Its Core. The Economy Is Owned, Operated & Governed Through The Underlying Cryptocurrency Of The Economy Which is PHI. PHI Network Is A Decentralized Autonomous Economy That Is Built Based On A Technology Stack That Includes Blockchain, Smart Contracts “, “Decentralized Applications (DApps)”, “Proof-of-Comit”, “Proof-of-Stake and Proof of Burn”.

The PHI Network is a decentralized autonomous economy which provides support, education through entertainment and economic stability. The native cryptocurrency of the decentralized autonomous economy PHI Network is PHI, which is used to Build Decentralized Applications, Organizations, Corporations, Govern The Economy, Create Your Own Currencies, purchase products and services as well as many other advanced use cases that can be easily implemented depending on the goals of the person, government, organization or corporation.

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