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    Rayne Freedom Lamboy


    Rayne Freedom Lamboy is a 24 year old creator from CT.  As a published model and author, as well as a commissioned artist, Rayne strives to leave a mark on the world that will one day be immortalized.  Drawing from her own lessons and a desire to understand the human experience in its rawest forms, each piece created regardless of the medium used expresses a deeper knowledge for our existence.  She has two children with her husband Joshua who is a singer-songwriter.  Both Rayne and Joshua are spiritual workers and intuitionists who practice various forms of divination and take on clients from across the country. Rayne is also a certified Usui Reiki Master.  Her next goal for her career is to become a lawyer specializing in fighting for trafficking victims and advocating for sex workers.  She is currently on her third year of her BA majoring in Philosophy with a concentration in law, politics, and morality and double minoring in studio art and art history/ curation.

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