PHI Economy

An Evolutionary Way To Build A Global Economy That Benefits Everyone.

Here’s How It Works:

Contribute Bitcoin (BTC) & Get More PHI (Φ).

Ownership Of PHI (Φ) Cryptocurrency Corresponds To Ownership Of The PHI Network, & All Its Current & Future Physical & Digital Assets.

As Your PHI Assets Grow, So Does Your Stake In Ownership Of The Economy.

PHI Network Is A Fully Decentralized Autonomous Economy Governed By Smart Contracts With No Central Authorities Or Middlemen.  

Help Contribute To The Decentralized Economy “Phiconomy” & Gain Ownership Of Real & Virtual World Assets. Check Out Some Of The Resources Below The PHI Network Will Build For The Community Once Certain Contribution Levels Are Exceeded.

Contribute Bitcoin (BTC) To PHI Network, Get More PHI (Φ) Sent To Your Wallet, Earn Miner Badges That Increase Your PHI.Network Accounts PHI (Φ) Mining Rewards & Help Build The Worlds Largest & Fastest Growing Decentralized Economy.

Follow Step 1 To Step 6 Instructions Below To Get More PHI (Φ) In Your Wallet. The More Bitcoin (BTC) You Contribute The More Stake Of PHI Economy You Own & PHI Network Will Build & Aquire More Real & Virtual World Assets The Community Can Use With PHI (Φ) . 

Need Help Or Have Questions? 

1. Send Bitcoin (BTC) To The Address Below In White Text. 

A) Scan The QR Code 


B) Copy & Paste: 



How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

How To Send Bitcoin (BTC)?


2. Select Chain To Deposit PHI To

PHI.Network, PHI Smart Chain


3. Choose Cryptocurrency Type

A) PHI (Φ) is PHI network’s native and primary token.

B) Phicash (Φ$) Is An Algorithmic Stable Coin Pegged To The United States Dollar ($USD).

5. Copy & Paste The URL To The Bitcoin (BTC) Confirmation Hash Tx.

How To Find Confirmation Hash Tx URL?


6. Click Confirm Contribution

Congratulations You Have Successfully Completed Your First BTC Contribution For PHI!!!

Deposits Are Automatically Processed & Sent To Depositors Wallets Twice A Day At:

12:00 & 24:00 GMT

Badge Image


1Φ Unlock PHI Mining Rewards At TH/s (1.618E-4/Avg.Action)
Badge Image


2Φ Unlock PHI Mining Rewards At TH/s (.0001618/Avg.Action)
Badge Image

Φ Miner Badge (Silver)

.2Φ Unlock PHI Mining Rewards At TH/s (1.618E-7/Avg.Action)


The PHI Network Is Pleased To Announce That Starting On 6/25/2022, Funds From The Next 50,000 PHI That Are Contributed By Bitcoin (BTC) Will Go To Fund 1000 Vertical Farms For The PHI Community To Be Able To Use Their PHI (Φ) To Purchase Fresh Produce.

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PHI Network Will Begin To Fund & Build Electricity Solutions That PHI (Φ) Holders Will Be Able To Purchase With Their Φ. There Will Be A Complete PHI Network Electricity Grid That Will Power All Of PHI Networks Resources With Renewable Clean Energy. Holders Will Benefit From Electricity Using Their PHI (Φ) Starting In Select Locations Once The PHI Community Contributes Bitcoin (BTC) Equaling 1,000,000 PHI.

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PHI Network Will Begin To Build Housing For PHI Network Members. Members Will Be Able To Purchase State Of The Art Living Facilities With PHI (Φ).

Apartments, Homes & Luxury Complexes Will Be Built For PHI Network Holders To Use Their PHI To Own & Use As They See Fit. Housing Production Will Begin Building Once The PHI Community Contributes Bitcoin (BTC) Equaling 2,500,000 PHI (Φ). Contribute Today For A Better Tomorrow!

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PHI Network Will Build Its Own Global Satellite Infrastructure To Power The Phinet Which Will Be The PHI Networks Upgraded Private Version Of The Internet. It Will Be Powered By PHI Networks Electricity Grid & Members Will Be Able To Pay For Their Usage With PHI (Φ). Once The PHI Community Contributes Bitcoin (BTC) Equaling 5,000,000 PHI (Φ). 

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