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Purpose: Power of the P


What’s your purpose?

In hip hop culture we speak about the power of the P, but it’s often misdirected to the physical. Beyond the physical, we find true power in purpose.

What’s his purpose?

As a man in my power, I couldn’t be controlled by the punani. It holds no power over me. But I can perceive how a man who is lost can find providence when he procures what he feels he’s lacking.

What’s her purpose?

What my wife will love most about me will neither be my pockets or phallus. The type of woman she is, if I approach with either, she will promptly pass me up. She can provide pleasure for herself, if paramount. What can I progenerate?

What’s our purpose?

Partnered we produce and promote the proper ascent for our posterity. Our pride radiates from beyond the physical. Raw Power.

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