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Polygon Matic Selected For Innovative Disney’s Accelerator Program


Recently, Disney announced that Polygon will be embedded in its 2022 Disney Accelerator Program. This is an initiative that is focused to increase the rate of startups growing in their respective ventures. With this, Disney will be giving them access to expert guidance and resources from a member of senior leadership.

Matic Performance Lately

Trading volumes have more than doubled in the past 24 hours for a total of $1.34 billion. Price surged over 10% with trading MATIC exchanging hands during that period.

Polygon’s performance has been on the positive end in this month so far compared to the overall performance of the other crypto coins. Latest developments that are influencing the price to potentially continue to soar in the near future.

More Opportunities

Earlier this month, Polygon announced a partnership with Nothing – a UK-based consumer electronics company.

All the positive news will solidify the credibility of the project of Polygon. This will in turn open new opportunities for the developing team to further grow the ecosystem and investors are reacting positively to them.

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