The Skin-Ship

Acne is one of the most serious skin disorders impacting the human civilization, regardless of age, caste, gender, etc. Acne is an exceedingly complicated and cumbersome disease. Acne can be characterized as red rashes on the skin filled with white matter, itchy and also painful.

This is something we don’t have much power over.
There are various ways to cure acne, one can be prescribed medications from a doctor, or one can use a home or herbal treatment. Natural treatments are shorter, cheaper and with fewer side effects. A little more patience is required, so the routine needs to be practiced faithfully to get rid of the problem once and for all. A natural treatment for acne is almost as good as an OTC or prescribed medication.

Here are a few natural treatments for acne.

Water intake needs to be at least 8 to 10 glasses. It helps to detoxify our body systems and to destroy the unhealthy bacteria that cause acne. Too many fatty foods can also contribute to acne, meaning that fried and spicy foods is strictly avoided. Using chromium in your diet helps to cure acne, too. A combination of good dietary balance and appropriate skin care should be used.

When added daily to the infected area, a mixture of nutmeg powder and boiled milk also tends to treat acne. Cinnamon powder mixed with honey is just as good for treating acne. Boiled neem leaves serve as a disinfectant upon application of acne. The affected spot must be washed at least three to four times a day with acne soap.

Make-up application should be stopped when recovering from acne. Makeup makes acne harder to get rid of, it creates areas of blocked pores. Acne shouldn’t be pressed so it can spread and get worse. Squeezing your acne can also lead to a lasting mark on your face that leaves your skin looking hideous. Hair should be held fastened to prevent contact with the acne.

Bedspreads should be cleaned every day to prevent the bacteria from spreading. Regular baths should be performed to keep your skin clear from germs.
Besides all this a balanced lifestyle must be pursued, with the right combination of diet, exercise and sleep. Remember, if you take decent care of yourself, there’s no illness that can affect you, not even acne!


The Stitch

Many people with acne, try to cure their infected skin with external face washes, soaps, lotions and therapies. However the best way to cure acne is to change your diet to get rid of acne-causing additives like fried foods.
A balanced diet rich in natural whole foods such as vegetables, berries, whole grains and beans is the number one recommendation to combat acne. Stuff containing trans fatty acids, such as milk, dairy products, margarine, shortening and other synthetically hydrogenated vegetable oils,
as well as fried foods, must be avoided. The prevalence of acne in the United States is blended into the standard US lifestyle.

Americans prefer to eat a lot of fried foods, commonly baked with the most unhealthy fats and oils. Not all fats are evil, but the fats that average Americans eat make them more likely to have acne and skin disorders, such as ice cream, cheese, bacon and milk.

In fact, acne cannot be handled with creams and soaps since the source of the disease is under the skin. Pimples and spotting are caused by bacteria and other irritants buried beneath the sticky glands of the skin and hair follicles, commonly caused by bad grooming and diet –including so much refined food, grease, deep-fried and sweets.

Food Love

Healthy eating focuses on raw and lightly cooked vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables containing valuable trace minerals and rich in fiber. The Greens are a main ingredient. Include protein and complex carbohydrate sources such as corn, whole grain bread and potatoes throughout your diet. These high-fiber foods help to maintain a clean gastrointestinal tract, which is especially relevant in the treatment of acne. Eat three nutritious meals a day to provide essential nutrients and reduce the appetite for sweet or fat fried foods. Foods high in vitamin A, such as apricots, melons and broccoli, as well as foods such as lean beef, almonds, beans and whole grains rich in zinc, can also be useful for reducing acne breakdowns. It is also important to drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins that lead to eruptions.


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