To enable free transaction cost with PHI utilize the Phi.Network Tokens

PHI ERC20 utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Main Benefit of PHI (ERC20)

  • Exchangeable for all other cryptocurrencies

The Main Drawback of PHI (ERC20)

  • Expensive per transaction

The Main Benefit of PHI.Network

  • Free Transaction Cost
  • Instant Transactions
  • Can Earn Them For Interacting On PHI.Network

The Main Drawback of PHI.Network

  • Not Available To Exchange With Off-Network Cryptocurrencies At This Time

Exchanging PHI.Network Tokens For PHI ERC20 You Will Need Your PHI ERC20 Address Ethereum Wallet. (Note: Refer to how to Receive PHI)

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Select The Amount of $ In Phi Tokens You Want To Exchange. You Will Be Exchanging ERC20 PHI for PHI.Network Tokens or Vice Versa. Select which ever Chain You want to have and process the check out. Phi.Network is for faster and free transactions within the PHI ecosystem. ERC20 is used for exchanging PHI with the entire cryptocurrency market.

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