There Are Multiple Ways To Exchange Other Crypto Currencies & PHI

Exchange ETH & Other ERC20

To Exchange PHI & ETH or Another ERC20 Token Use PHI Off Network Exchange

Or Use Uniswap v3🦄

Exchange for BTC

There are multiple ways to get BTC for PHI.

One Way is directly in your wallet

  1. In the bottom right hand corner you will see exchange.
  2. Type In How Much PHI You Want to Exchange
  3. Hit Create Offer Put in the Amount You Want To Exchange.
  4. Select What You Want to sell PHI for either the market price or a custom exchange rate.
  5. Then Click Next
  6. Then Add
  7. Wait for Order to be filled
  8. Refresh And you will now see the currency of your choosing in your wallet.

Want More Options For Exchange Like Zcash, Monero & Many More go to PHI.EXCHANGE

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