Welcome To PHI Network

PHI Network is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency PHI (PHI).

Social Entertainment Metaverse.
Fastest, Securest & Easiest To Use Blockchain.

Instant, Scalable, Secure, Private, P2P Network.

Zero Transaction Fees



Limited Supply With No Central Authority. The Community Owns PHI Network Based Upon their Contribution & Participation. PHI Network Creates A Fair Community With Real World Value That Is Not Effected By Inflation.

Instant Transactions

PHI Network Social Blockchain Is the Only Blockchain In the World That Is Instant. On PHI Network Transaction Times Are A Thing Of Past. Never Wait To Receive or send No Matter How Many Transactions Are Sent At Once.

Meet New Friends

PHI Network Is The Only Blockchain In the World That Allows You To Meet People, Earn Value & Transact Peer To Peer In One Application. Privately Chat With Friends using Video, Text & voice chat. Create Groups & Share Your Favorite Moments With The World.

Social Blockchain

Post, Share, Engage, Make Friends, Follow Members & Mine PHI. Every Action Is Recorded on PHI Network Social Blockchain. Every Time A Member Participates They Are Rewarded In PHI For Their Participation.

Zero Transaction Fees

PHI Network Social Blockchain Is Free To Use & Transact Value. The Network Is Decentralized So Members Are never Charged For Sending, Receiving Or Holding Their Value On PHI Network.

Easy To Use

PHI Network Allows Developers To Build Easy To Use Smart Blockchain Applications. Everything A Member Creates Or Shares Using PHI Network Is An NFT With Utility That Collects Royalties For The Value Contributed. Earn, Send, Receive, Exchange Cryptocurrency From Your Mobile Device Effortlessly Without Having To Connect To External Wallets.

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"Earn, Entertain, Engage & Exchange, All In One Place."