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A major decision lies ahead for your brand’s reputation – do you move your business?

Many retailers are faced with the same dilemma each year. although it could be the right choice to remain in place but in many instances it is possible to relocate your business. This can offer a new look for your shop and help to revive your business that has been stagnant. The risk of relocation is in the present, however if handled effectively, huge benefits are possible. Are you looking for a best removalist Company so Visit Our Website.

Moving your store’s location is a two-step procedure building a new store and de-branding your existing store. It is important to take care when deciding taken into the timing of both of these projects. The store closing prematurely is not an ideal scenario, and neither is the necessity of maintaining two locations. Customers want smooth transitions for their shopping experience is essential to ensuring their loyalty.

Be aware that de-branding of stores is not a simple procedure and typically an investment between 40 and 60 man-hours could be needed to de-brand the store properly (depending on the layout and design). The objective is to bring both the exterior and the interior of the store to their original appearance.

Make it PositiveIt can be seen about the placement of the message. Moving should be viewed as positive thing – something which has been made possible through the support of current customers. The furniture removalists frankston should not be seen as the result of a hassle and instead as an opportunity to gain a new place to be a part of the existing customers. Thanks to their continuous assistance that the relocation is possible. The new features that are being added to the new location , in the same way as any other new designs for stores or products that are added. The addition of new features and products can boost your customers.

Contact Existing Customers Consider how you’ve spent on your customers. Moving your store shouldn’t be a reason for the loss of any part of your existing customers. Your aim should not be only to retain your customer base by local marketing, but also to expand your base with the move to a higher place. This is why that the move is happening initially, right? Therefore, every customer must be dealt with so that there is no room for mistake or inconsistencies. The cost of maintaining your current customers is much smaller than the cost to find new ones.

over Communicate When you think you’ve done enough to communicate then double it. It’s more secure than sorry. And even if you’re fully aware your store will be moving but your customers may have other interests not related to what’s going on in your store. When planning your move commence proactive marketing at minimum two months prior to the date of your move by sending out flyers to each customer. Include the reasons for the move, as well as the most important dates, and a thank you for their business. If, for instance, your company is based on phone (call for orders) Send an affixing magnet to the refrigerator of each customer in case your telephone number is set to change.

A Photo is Worth A Thousand words: Many people are difficult to follow directions, therefore adding an image of the current location as well as the new location to all communications is crucial. A large display in the window allows customers to visualize where the new store will be. When the construction of the new store It is crucial to put up signs at the new location. In this is, in the event that an existing customer wants to locate the new location ahead of time they will be able to aid them in their journey and also provide information for new customers.

Celebrate a Re-Grand Opening Yes You have a reason to celebrate. possess something you can be proud of. Your business has been successful over the years, allowing for an investment in a recently relocated and improved site. Don’t be shy to share with the world your continuous accomplishments. removals mornington peninsula provide you with the perfect opportunity to say “I am alive and well” and present the newly relocated store as an “thanks” to existing customers who are now recognized with a more modern store. After the move is completed and the store is open, you should plan a grand re-opening by letting the public know about the changes to both the old and new trade zones.

Your relocation plan is equally important as planning the time you first opened your shop. The years of cultivating customers are not at risk through a poor relocation. Control your time-line by communicating with your current base, and ensure that you make the move an official opening. A well-planned and executed plan will ensure that your current customers and potential customers increase their number of visits and help you launch the new store by bringing in sales.

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