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How to Connect with the Unbounded


On a sunny cloudless day, lay on your back so your field of vision is filled with the clear blue sky. Let yourself relax into this sensation of blueness making it your primary sensation. Now look beyond the blue, there is no recipe for doing this but just try. For a brief moment you can sense that the sky is the frontier so-to-speak, of infinity.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are a NASA probe traveling into deep space at tremendous speed, hundreds of miles per second. See the stars go by and distant galaxies coming closer. Accelerate faster and faster. Then make the stars and galaxies disappear. Now, there is only the black void and there is no feeling of speed. You are suspended in unbounded space with no experience except its unboundedness.

Listen to a piece of music that you love and feel the sweet sensation of its beauty. Now stop the music but stay with the sweetness. The cause has disappeared, but the sweetness is there on its own. This is what unbounded bliss feels like. It needs no cause, existing all by itself.

If consciousness is in charge of itself, it can do anything and everything. Our personal experience is vastly different. We cannot do anything and everything. Often, we feel that what we do is so feeble it hardly matters. This must change. Otherwise, we are left with fantasies of power and possibility that do not turn into reality.

Where is the total power of consciousness when it really counts? Here and now.

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