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How do PHI Network Wallets work? On Network & Off Network explained.


Your username is your wallet on network for off network there is an Ethereum Wallet Address that is attached to each username. PHI Network gives you the capabilities of performing off network transactions on ethereum binance & matic with the applicable gas fees You can find what your ethereum wallet address is and it’s private keys in the main menu under wallet you will see eth profile wallets. Or in the bottom left hand smart menu the wallet icon scroll down until you see profile eth wallets  https://phi.network/eth-wallet/

For storing and using On PHI Network if you use your username the ethereum wallet is automatically associated for off network transaction types. There are never any gas fees on network.

For Off network transactions that are off network you must use the eth address and not your username.


you can deposit off network crypto to phi network as well as withdraw phi to other blockchains using https://phi.holdings/product/phi

Also phi provides a noncustodial off network wallet that supports all 3 types of of network phi as well as bitcoin eth bnb matic & more with a built in decentralized exchange as well as a peer to peer exchange. https://phi.holdings

For your on network profile eth wallet you can get your private keys of the wallet eth address that is associated with your username and import that address into any crypto wallet you want using the private keys.

best way to send and receive PHI or any crypto is on network there is zero gas fees and it’s instant you don’t have to wait for settlement times. You do that here https://phi.network/send

or click your balance in the top menu or the wallet icon in the logo icon smart menu in the bottom left.

Now for certain things someone may want to use off network resources but everything that is done off network comes with the applicable gas fees. So the only thing i personally things makes sense off network is providing liquidity to the network to earn passive income. You can find more information here about that https://phi.network/passive-income

If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the chat in the bottom left hand corner or reach support at https://phi.support

great meeting all of you this community is incredible

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