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Holders of IDR 5 Billion PEPE Boncos when Cashing Tokens on MetaMask


One of the holders of Pepe Coin (PEPE) boncos up to around $344,000 or IDR 5 billion when withdrawing his PEPE token in the MetaMasak wallet. This loss was unavoidable due to the lack of available liquidity for PEPE.



This story of billions of losses was shared by a Twitter user on May 1, 2023. According to the upload, the holder exchanged 3.3 trillion PEPE worth $ 2 million or IDR 29 billion for Ether (ETH) coins. Unfortunately, transactions experienced slips of up to 40% which led to losses of up to billions.

It is not clear whether the holder is still making any profit from the sale even though the boncos are slipping, considering that the price of PEPE has skyrocketed 130 times since it was first launched on April 15.




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