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From newborns to teens, this hospital has a deluge of young Covid-19 patients. Here’s what parents want others to know

(CNN)At Texas Children’s Hospital, 4-month-old Graysen Perry has Covid-19 and is struggling to breathe.

His mom, Gayvielle Goff, is struggling to talk.

“It’s conscionable truly scary,” Goff said, trying to suppress tears.

At the aforesaid Houston hospital, 17-year-old Halie Mulanax is warring Covid-19 connected a ventilator. She’s ne’er seen her 3-week-old babe due to the fact that she’s been successful a medically induced coma for astir a month.

Across the country, hospitals are grappling with an unprecedented surge of children with Covid-19 — fueled by vacation gatherings and the highly contagious Delta and Omicron variants.

Last week, an mean of 574 children with Covid-19 were admitted to hospitals each day — a pandemic record, according to information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And 1 doc worries “we could spot much children hospitalized implicit a precise abbreviated play of time.”

A teen successful a coma missed her baby’s birth

Halie conscionable spent her 17th day successful a medically induced coma.

She has nary thought her daughter, Xylah, had to beryllium delivered 10 weeks early.

The family’s Covid-19 ordeal has been “gutwrenching,” Halie’s parent Amy Woodruff said.

“Our Covid travel began … November 29. Me and my girl some tested affirmative for Covid,” Woodruff said.

While Woodruff fared good with her illness, her teen girl not.

Halie was hospitalized successful Amarillo and had to beryllium enactment connected a ventilator.

At 29 weeks into her pregnancy, “she couldn’t breathe,” Woodruff said. “Her oxygen level was precise debased — not capable to enactment the baby.”

So portion successful a medically induced coma, Halie had a Caesarian conception and gave commencement to Xylah connected December 9.

She weighed 3 pounds and 6 ounces. Miraculously, her grandma said, the babe did not person Covid-19.

Woodruff said she has nary thought however she volition interruption the quality that Halie missed her daughter’s commencement and archetypal respective weeks of life.

“I’m a mom. I couldn’t imagine. And that’s my small miss being distant from our small girl,” Woodruff said. “My bosom bleeds for her.”

While Xylah stayed astatine an Amarillo hospital, her parent had to beryllium transported 900 miles distant to Texas Children’s successful Houston.

“Mom was successful specified atrocious shape, they couldn’t bash each the treatments that mama needed portion the babe was inactive there” successful Amarillo, Woodruff said.

Woodruff said Halie was not vaccinated against Covid-19 — mostly due to the fact that she was acrophobic astir however the vaccine mightiness impact her baby.

But now, Woodruff said she’d promote her loved ones to get vaccinated.

“Anybody I love, I would similar for them to,” she said.

‘I didn’t expect Covid’

Gayvielle Goff ne’er imagined immoderate of her children — a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a 4-month aged — could get this sick with Covid-19.

“They hardly adjacent drawback a cold,” Goff said. “Some radical whitethorn find that hard to believe. But my babies truly don’t get sick.”

That changed drastically erstwhile 4-month-old Graysen got Covid-19. Now he’s hospitalized astatine Texas Children’s, the largest pediatric infirmary successful the country. And Goff fears helium volition beryllium enactment connected a ventilator.

“I didn’t expect Covid,” the 24-year-old parent said.

“Since I was large with him, I stayed successful the house. I went to doctor’s appointments. Maybe to the market store erstwhile I truly needed to spell to the market store. But different than that, I didn’t spell anywhere,” she said.

But Goff said she is not vaccinated against Covid-19. She said she believes Graysen got sick with Covid-19 aft a Christmas gathering.

Now, Goff said she’s “actually reasoning about” getting vaccinated.

‘Unprecedented numbers of kids getting infected’

In conscionable 2 weeks, the fig of kids hospitalized with Covid-19 astatine Texas Children’s has quadrupled.

And the surge volition apt get worse with the dispersed of the Omicron variant, said Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development astatine Texas Children’s.

“This is by acold the king of transmissible Covid viruses. And we’re seeing unprecedented numbers of kids getting infected and going into children’s hospitals,” Hotez said.

On apical of that, “we’ve conscionable done a unspeakable occupation of vaccinating our kids crossed the country,” helium said.

Among the Covid-19 patients hospitalized astatine Texas Children’s, “they’re getting a batch of respiratory symptoms … pneumonia, needing respiratory enactment to assistance them respire better,” said Dr. Melanie Kitagawa, the hospital’s transitional ICU aesculapian director.

While aboriginal studies suggest Omicron causes little terrible disease than the Delta variant, Omicron is overmuch much contagious.

And that means much children could beryllium hospitalized, said Dr. Jim Versalovic, pathologist-in-chief astatine Texas Children’s.

“The occupation is that with truthful galore children and adults infected, adjacent if the percent hospitalization complaint is lower, we could spot much children hospitalized implicit a precise abbreviated play of time,” helium said. “And that surely puts a strain connected our wellness attraction resources.”

CNN’s Bonney Kapp and Michelle Krupa contributed to this report.

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