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Earn Passive Income

Become A PHI Liquidity Provider

Follow These Step By Step Instructions To Become A Liquidity Provider & Start Earning Passive Income.

  1. Decide Which Chains You Would Like To Provide Liquidity. Currently Liquidity Can Be Provided On Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Matic. 
  2. Once Selected Which Chains, Purchase The Cryptocurrency For The Corresponding Chain ETH, BNB.BSC, and/or MATIC 
  3. You Will Need To Own Or Purchase The Same Amount Of PHI As The Off Network Chain You Have Chosen. Liquidity Will be Provided Equal On Both Sides of the Pair. (Ex. If You Want To Provide $2000 In Total Capital For Liquidity on The Binance Smart Chain; Purchase $1000 In BNB.BSC In Liquidity & Purchase $1000 Of PHI (Bep20))
  4. Go To PHI.Holdings
  5. Fund Your PHI Holdings Wallet With The Cryptocurrencies You Would Like To Contribute To Liquidity To Earn Passive Income On Your Assets.
  6. Go To The Exchange Tab  In The Bottom left Hand corner of PHI.Holdings

7. Once On the Exchange of PHI Holdings, Select Add liquidity. 



8. Select Which Chain You Would Like To Add Liquidity To First (ETH, BNB, MATIC)


9. Add The Amount Off Funds You Want To Contribute. (The More Liquidity You Provide The Higher Percentage You Gain On Your Capital)

10. Click Approve PHI

11. Click Add Liquidity 

12. Congratulations You Are Now A PHI Network Liquidity Provider. 

13. The Cryptocurrencies You Provided Will Now Create Passive Income For You Every Time A PHI Holder Exchanges PHI Using Off Network Exchanges. 

Benefits Of A PHI Liquidity Provider

  1. Passive Income
    1. Income Generated From Exchange Fees.
    2. Make The Assets You Provide Passively When Members Buy & Sell.
  2. Non-Custodial Ownership Of Funds
    1. The Private Key Wallet Owner Is The Only One Who can See or move your assets. 
    2. No Central Authority Is Holding Your Funds
  3. Transparency
    1. See Whats Going On with Your Assets At All Times. 
  4. Asset Exposure To Growth Opportunities In Cross-Chain Crypto Markets
  5. Transferability.
    1. The Liquidity You Provide Becomes An NFT In Your Wallet That Can Be Sold & Transferred To Any Other Crypto Wallet. 
  6. Accessible
    1. Ability To Withdraw Principle and/Or Earnings Any Time 24/7/365. 
  7. Benefits of Holding Crypto-currencies For Long Term Growth While Using The Crypto To Generate Passive Income
    1.  Similar To How Banks Used To Pay Interest For Just Holding Funds In Your Account.
    2. Now You Can Be The Bank & Loan Your Liqiduity Out, While Never Touching Your Principle
    3. Experience The Upside Gains While Collecting Transaction Fees On Every Transaction In & Out of A Market
  8. Protected Against Whales.
    1. Everyone’s Welcome in The PHIVerse But What Isn’t Welcome Is Control And Munipulation 
    2. No Matter How Much Fiat Or Crypto Someone Currently Has They Will Not Be Able To Own 1% of The liquidity Let Alone 50%+ OF The Liquidity.
    3. Gives Whales The Great Opportunity Of Earning Passive Income, While Protecting The Community Members Against  One Person Or Company Owning  Controlling Interest For Market Manipulation. 

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