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Crypto Events

  1. Just recently I’ve went to a crypto event that was beneficial in many ways great vibes in San Francisco California met wonderful people and was able to meet the owner of the establishment that the event was at. Now why is it important to go to events for crypto because not only will you become a crypto genius you will also be able to catapult your brand to the next level while at the same time gaining more supports for the phi network by promoting phi you’ll get more creditably in the public eye most importantly have something cool to talk about. Anything you do with phi network is history in the making of the greatest crypto of all time be the first one in your state city community neighborhood family circle of peers to tell people about this unmatched opportunity. They host crypto events all over the world all you have to do is Google crypto events and boom 🤯 networking situations at your fingertips. I’ve gained a performance opportunity I was interviewed by BSC NEWS about my career in music, crypto and lifestyle. This is only the beginning of a many win win situations the new friends I have made from only going to one event is priceless the career opportunities are priceless. Jaxvineyards has given not only a crypto networking opportunity but also a performance opportunity if this is possible for it’s possible for you leave your experiences from your crypto events in the comments down below.

maybe we can meet up at a few maybe we can host our own 💯🥂💯


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