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Challenges of being an early adopter of the world’s most valuable assets


Assets over Liabilities

today we face a major separation people are more aware to technology and it’s value today and how it Assisted us so many years to now . Even in the most Poor Places people still tend to embrace technology with intent to express their stories and acquire knowledge accurately, even down to people using tech over time . So this revealed something to me that was deep . Why do we feel this way ? Why do we embrace Tech so much ? I have a theory that we Value tech because we are Tech . I wanna make this make sense because with our memory there’s no works and Works create memories meaning we are embracing What we already come from ..we are just in the process of relearning…most of what you see on Social media is 100% expressions and what that is would be transmissions. technology truly Values itself, Which grows into To something bigger and Amazing today. sometimes we think the thing we choose and desire has no value when it does ! We just a have controlled mindset to how higher position perceive tech once the Perception is corrected then the process proceeds smoothly


Challenges of PHI (Early Adoption)

September 1, 2023

the Challenges and Adoption of a world Class asset can be tough. especially if everyone around you has their own tailored perception of what assets are considered. maneuvering through such responsibilities can be hard and If you happen to be a lower class citizen with something so valuable you have a hard time carrying something so heavy . You tell people, they don’t believe you. Instant gratification kicks in on an outter source and the rarest would be the ones that knows exactly what you possess,  so the only reliable being is you ..this position in the scale is so important compared to a late adopter because you become the teacher amongst students .. there’s nothing wrong with being ahead of the curve! although it’s tons of responsibility it has a lot to do with time and observation. What makes it hard is the sacrifices that come with it and the symptoms of fear and doubt among self ..Imean you don’t want to let those down you love because you believe in something so much..to stay true to yourself and the others is to stick with it ! Because if you don’t have faith in what you are talking about how will anyone else ? For some people the best teacher is visual and for most people the best teacher is experience.. Through our experiences we Have ups and downs And it effects how we progress..what we don’t see is the value in our challenges because we all face our own Unique challenges. We Focus so much on the problem that we don’t have solutions so you look for someone or something else to have the solution for you . if you think about it lookin to another person for a solution means you don’t have a solution? No because a problem is perfectly fitted uniquely to a solution, this is why problems can have value because the problem couldn’t find no other solution . Today the problems are getting bigger and also the Solution..being a PHI holder is the ultimate solution…


PHI In My Everyday Life


The life of PHI can be fulfilling if you truly understand it PHI is said to be filled with divine proportions and Walking with it will bring about value spirituality and Physically. During my 2.5 year experience with PHI I’ve experienced a lot dealing with growth and prosperity..Having PHI is really Alike having a professor teaching you the ways of the universe or a King showing you how to walk Upright when you have divine favor that means everything is already yours . But how do you acquire what’s already yours ??? This is my challenge ..seeing the long term value in something is one thing but expecting short term change from it can breed frustration..Being in the short term of a long Term investment Brings Structural Molding to having a mindset that you can maintain you have to constantly tell yourself that you are valuable when everyone else thinks your not . They say seeing is believing and if the masses don’t see change they won’t believe it .. I’ve never in my life and I’m 32 years of age have been so committed to something that hasn’t assisted much in my life other than mindset.. being an early adopter  you have to know that you have major value without feeling like you’ve failed yourself or others that’s had faith in you ..on my personal quest I’ve just decided to help others create digital wallets and show them how to send and receive I just had faith and knew that if I did this it would pay off even tho my current life situation is not in the best shape what keeps driving me is the tech and the “Why” for PHIs creation “Freedom” Financially, Physically,Spiritually .. As long as I kept that on my mind I keep going.. Today I am Currently a multimillionaire in this Space and I am greatful for my position and One day I will display to the people  The fruits of planting many seeds and growing ..



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