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Transactions: 1,609,525
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 *This one is direct USDT into your BINANCE acct*

Within 2mins, you will receive *USDT* and It keeps coming daily.


 *No KYC* binance has done that for you already.


 *Guide for registration*👇

Open Binance, go to wallet and click on deposit.

Then Select *USDT* ( *Bep20 network)*

Copy the wallet ID✍️

 *Then click on this link to register* 👇👇


🔸 Register using gmail

🔸 CLAIM at the top right corner

🖍️ It will take you to a section, at the down part.

🖌️Paste the USDT Address from Binance and submit.

🔸 Wait for the USDT to be deposited in BINANCE

🖍️ Check the amount that was sent.

🖌️Go back to you dashboard, you will be told to enter the balance that was sent

🔸 Enter the last 5 or 4 figures, e.g if *0.0045770* was sent,

You will input without 0 contents it should in this format 👉 *45770*

✅DONE goes to Catly’s 500 stake balance

 *Claim daily into your Usdt Bep20 wallet on Binance*

  You can also sell your stake when it compoundi.

Check the wallet logo section.

  Auto instantly becomes Binance WD USDT

🛑 Only *USDT BEP20* address on Binance can work,

Watch to aid you: https://youtu.be/I4pR57bEalY


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