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Brainstorming for any satirical essay


Brainstorming is the first step in any essay writing process. For all essay writers, brainstorming is an important tool that can be used even when writing satirical essays (“Satire Essay,” 2019,). There are many writing strategies that can be used in the planning stages, but there are also other options that are equally effective for satire writing. A bubble map is one of the most popular tools we use and love. A bubble map can be used in elementary schools. It associates words with your topic of interest. If you want to create a bubble map of Donald Trump for him, for example, you can use words such as father, husband, adulterer, divorcee, New York City and orange, bombastic, real-estate, and home alone.

The bubble map above shows how these words bring out elements associated with Donald Trump. There would be words in the middle of descriptive essays about dogs, such as the dog’s name (“Satire Essay”, 2019). You should use the bubble map to help you select the words that you want to use in your essay. The words you choose should help to expose an issue and provide suggestions on how to approach it satirically.

Satire Essays: Thesis Statements

Once you have chosen the topic for your essay, it is time to create a thesis statement. Perhaps you are wondering what a thesis statement actually is. A thesis statement is simply a guideline for your piece. It should be no more than one or two sentences long. It aids your readers to understand your primary purpose. No matter what essay format you choose, your thesis statement structure will remain the same regardless of the essay topic. Only in satire essays does it change slightly. It is different in satire essays than when you are proposing a real idea.

Here are some examples:

You can ensure that your jewelry is safe by being conspicuously displayed. Also, make sure valuable jewelry is kept in a safe vault or deposit box.

It is very easy to have a happy marriage. You just need to identify your second spouse while you are still married to your first wife. Then, have more children with her before getting married. Brad Pitt is the author.

The essay’s author is clearly the most humorous element. The satire can also include the target audience. A letter that Jimmy Carter sent to Trump informing him to not worry about offending women was satirical, as both Jimmy Carter and Trump are well-respected figures in America. Ironic in its own right, Bill Clinton wrote a letter to Barrack Barack Obama in which he tried to help him be a good husband. Obama is well-known for his family affairs expertise and is regarded as an excellent husband. Bill, on the other hand, left a poor legacy because he had an affair while in office. Final, critics of Maddona or Lady Gaga’s publicity or even Peter Rose Criticizing Tom use all aspects of double-satire.

Resources for Satirical Essays

Many satirical essays are based on current events. Although citing them is not mandatory at the moment, it’s important to understand the facts and issues associated with the situation (“Satire Essay,” 2019,). You may find it ironic to identify satiric news websites and create satirical essay topic. This would be more difficult in modern times because of the political context. You can avoid these problems by being careful when choosing your topic. Also, ensure that your sources are reliable and impartial.

Finding reliable sources for essays can be hard. Use sources no older than three years and only from trusted publishers such as newspapers, magazines,.com, and.org. You can use sources older than three years, but it is best to inform your readers about any changes in information.

You might also have been discouraged from using sources such as Wikipedia, Britannica and Encyclopedia when writing assignments. This advice is sound, as these sources are not considered reliable in the academic world. The ban should not be a reason to stop you from using references (“Satire Essay”, 2019). These can provide a great overview of your topic as well as links to resources that can be used for more information. Google scholar is another excellent search engine that allows you to restrict the resources you are interested in. The above search engine can help you find academic or scholarly articles.

When writing satire essays, you can also use other generic sites such as CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. You can also make use of major and local networks, as they provide good news sources. These news channels also have programs that, while not being sources, are political and social commentary. These shows can sometimes be biased or unreliable and you should be cautious when using them. Be aware of bias information, especially when choosing your sources.

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