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Biden will make ‘brief remarks’ Tuesday on rapid spread of the Omicron variant

(CNN)President Joe Biden connected Tuesday volition marque little remarks addressing the accelerated spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus successful the US and the steps his medication is taking to code it, according to the White House.

“The President volition conscionable with his Covid-19 Response Team to person an update connected the Omicron variant and to sermon his administration’s response,” an authoritative told CNN connected Monday night.

“In the briefing, the President volition perceive astir the latest resources and unit being sent to states and section communities to assistance with staffing needs and infirmary capableness Covid-19 treatments. He volition besides perceive from the doctors astir the latest information connected the Omicron variant, including that portion cases proceed to increase, afloat vaccinated and boosted Americans that get infected are not apt to person terrible symptoms,” the authoritative said. “In little remarks, the President volition code the American radical connected these updates, arsenic good arsenic the value of continuing to usage the tools we cognize support the American radical — vaccines, boosters and masking.”

Biden’s remarks travel arsenic his medication has yet to connection broad details about his program to administer fractional a cardinal tests for escaped utilizing a website. The medication is inactive successful the procurement process, an authoritative said, which decides which companies volition proviso the tests.

Health experts person warned that the nationwide shortage of accelerated at-home tests is coming during a captious play for testing arsenic the Omicron variant disrupts regular life.

Biden besides had told reporters earlier Monday that helium would code the alteration successful the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s isolation guidelines “later,” without offering immoderate further details.

The CDC has faced disapproval from extracurricular doctors due to the fact that it did not see a proposal to re-test astatine the extremity of the five-day model for isolating pursuing a affirmative Covid-19 trial result.

“I’ll beryllium talking to you astir that later,” Biden told CNN.

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