Add Φ To Wallet

Deposit Instructions

Debit/Credit Card Deposit:

  1. Enter Amount To Deposit
  2. Click The Pull Down Menu That Says “Coinpayments” Pull down will open then Select Stripe (If When The Pull Down Is Clicked It Doesn’t Open Force Close The App, Reopen It & Now The Pull Down Will Properly Open)
  3. Click Deposit
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter Name, Debit/Credit Card Information  & Click Continue
  6. Congratulations All Done
  7. Enjoy Instant, Private, Secure & Free Peer To Peer Transactions.

Cryptocurrency Deposit:

  1. Enter Amount To Deposit
  2. Deposit Method Is Coinpayments By Default
  3. Click Deposit
  4. Select Which Crypto You Would Like To Use For Payment
  5. Copy & Paste The Payment Address Shown On CoinPayments  Payment Page
  6. Send The Selected Crypto To The Copied Address (Make Your To Send The Exact Amount Requested On Coinpayments Payment Page)
  7. Once Payment Is Confirmed On the Blockchain PHI Funds Will Be added To The Specific Balance Selected
  8. Congratulations All Done 
  9. Enjoy Instant, Private, Secure & Free Transactions. 
Φ Balances

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(ERC-20) / (BEP-20) / PHI (Matic)

Deposit Off Network PHI Smart Chain (ERC20 / BEP20 / Matic) To PHI Network​​

Deposit PHI Smart Chain (ERC20/ BEP20 / Matic) To Your PHI Network Wallet 

  1. Send The Amount of PHI For Deposit To 


2. After PHI Has Sent On (ERC20 / BEP20 / Matic) Submit PHI @Username Along With The URL To The Confirmation Hash Tx.

3. PHI (ERC20/ BEP20/ Matic) Will Be Deposited To Your On Network Wallet Within 24/48 Hours.