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The Decentralized Social Entertainment Network That Utilizes Blockchain Technology To Instantly Reward Users For Their Participation. Earn Royalties And Exchange Cryptocurrency With The Click Of A Button. The Community-Run Technology Powers The Cryptocurrency PHI (Φ) And Gives Every User The Tools To Easily Execute Their Own Smart Contracts, Manage Their Digital Assets And Develop Decentralized Applications Without Relying On Middlemen.


PHI Network !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Features In PHI Network Mobile App Are Designed To Provide Quick Access To All Things Fun, Productive & Rewarding Allowing You To Connect With Friends & Family. Whether It’s Sharing Your Latest Photo, Video, Song Or Playing Games With Friends Around The World, PHI Has Something For Everyone.

PHI Network Is An Autonomous Economy Driven Blockchain. In Its Own Universe (The Phiverse).

PHI Is The Worlds First, Only And Largest Interstellar Decentralized Economy. Not Effected By The Centralized Economy. Not Bound By Any Government, Country Or Planet.

The Unique Platform Allows Users To Control Their Data, Assets, Information And Reputation Via The Use Of Smart Contracts That Enable Users To Effectively Govern Themselves Without Interference From Centralized Authorities & Markets.

Home For The Latest In Entertainment And Social Activities. Featuring A Full Suite Of Tools Including Earning, Entertaining, Exchanging, And Interacting With Others. PHI Network Gives You Everything You’re Looking For. Whether You Want To Earn Cryptocurrency, Build Unstoppable Applications, Launch Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Easily Mint Your Own Crypto-Currencies Or Just Meet New People Around The World, PHI Network Has It All.

Zero Fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PHI Network Social Blockchain Is A Public Good Owned & Operated By The Community. Members Are Never Charged For Sending, Receiving, Exchanging Or Holding Their Value On PHI Network.
Peer To Peer
Instant Transactions
Private & Secure
Community Owned
It’s Time To Get Going. The Evolution Is Happening Now. PHI Network Is A Decentralized Social Entertainment Network Where You Can Earn And Exchange On The Fastest, Securest, And Most Scalable Blockchain Network In The World.
PHI Network Offers A Stable Cryptocurrency Phicash (Φ$) That You Can Exchange With Others, As Well As Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Dao's) Which Govern Themselves Without Any Central Oversight.
Easy To Use, Contribute & Mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PHI Network Allows Developers To Build Easy To Use Unstoppable Decentralized Smart Blockchain Applications. Everything A Member Creates Or Shares Using PHI Network Is Minted With A Unique Transaction Hash With The Utility To Instantly Collect & Distribute Royalties For The Value Contributed. Earn, Send, Receive, Exchange Cryptocurrency From Your Mobile Device Effortlessly Without Having To Connect To External Wallets & Pay Gas Fees. Your PHI Network Username Is Your Wallet Address Import This Wallet Using Its Private Key Into Any EVM Compatible Wallet. On PHI Network Your Social Profile Is Your Wallet. Perform On Network, Smart Chain & Off-Network Transactions All From One Intuitive Application.

PHI Network Is A Secure, Peer-To-Peer Decentralized Social Entertainment Economy Powered By Its Own Cryptocurrency. A Place Of Discovery And Expression Where Users Are Rewarded For Their Unique Contributions. The Phiverse Is A Community-Powered Extended Reality Universe Of Earning While Contributing All On The Fastest, Most Secure And Private Blockchain.

Limited Supply With No Central Authority. PHI Network Is Owned By The Community Members Based Upon their Contribution & Participation. PHI Network Creates A Fair Community With Real World Value That Is Not Affected By Inflation. Each Member Owns their Own Data & Is Never Tracked. Members Only Provide What Information They Want & Can Be Completely Invisible On The Network While Still Being Able To Earn, Send & Receive PHI. Secured Value That Is 100% Protected From Any Sort of Theft. PHI Network Can Recover Funds Due To User Error & Recover Passwords If Forgotten.

PHI Network Social Blockchain Is the Only Blockchain In the World That Is Instant. On PHI Network There Is No Waiting For Transaction Confirmations. PHI Network’s Blockchain Can Securely Process & Confirm A Million Transactions A Nanosecond. Never Wait To Send, Receive or Exchange No Matter How Many Transactions Are Sent At Once. 24/7 Community Support Staff To Help Solve Any Technical Issues For Community Members.

PHI Network Is The Only Blockchain In the World That Allows You To Connect With Friends, Meet New People, Earn Value & Transact Peer To Peer In One Application. Privately, Search The Web, Chat With Friends Via Video, Text & Voice. Create Groups & Share Your Favorite Moments With The World. Add Your Centralized Social Media Profiles & Links To Your PHI Network Profile. Display All Your Profiles, Credentials & Links On One Easily To Navigate Profile Page While Earning PHI For Every Visit.

Empowering Creators & Communities. Censorship Free Social Entertainment. Members Mine PHI The Underlying Asset of PHI Network. Post, Share, Engage, Make Friends, Follow Members, Sell Your Products, Services & More To Mine PHI. Every Action Is Recorded on PHI Network Social Blockchain. Every Time A Member Participates They Are Rewarded In PHI For Their Participation. Each Member Has The Capability of Disputing A Transaction Or Reporting A Member. Members Can Leave Reviews of Other Members. PHI Network Is Developed, Owned & Moderated By The Community Members.

PHI Network Is The First Blockchain With Social Connections & A Powerful Tool Set That Enables Everyone To Unlock The Value Of Their Blockchain Assets & Take Control Of Their Digital Identity.

PHI Network Is The First Decentralized Native Blockchain Mobile Friendly Application To Combine:

An Evolutionary Way To Build A Global Economy That Benefits Everyone.

Here’s How It Works:

Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) & Get More PHI (Φ).

Ownership Of PHI (Φ) Cryptocurrency Corresponds To Ownership Of The PHI Network, & All Its Current & Future Physical & Digital Assets.

As Your PHI Assets Grow, So Does Your Stake In Ownership Of The Economy.

PHI Network Is A Fully Decentralized Autonomous Economy Governed By Smart Contracts With No Central Authorities Or Middlemen.  

Help Contribute To The Decentralized Economy Phiconomy& Gain Ownership Of Real & Virtual World Assets. Check Out Some Of The Resources Below The PHI Network Will Build For The Community Once Certain Contribution Levels Are Exceeded. 

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1Φ Unlock PHI Mining Rewards At TH/s (1.618E-4/Avg.Action)
Badge Image


2Φ Unlock PHI Mining Rewards At TH/s (.0001618/Avg.Action)
Badge Image

Φ Miner Badge (Silver)

.2Φ Unlock PHI Mining Rewards At TH/s (1.618E-7/Avg.Action)


The PHI Network Is Pleased To Announce That Starting On 6/25/2022, Funds From The Next 50,000 PHI That Are Contributed By Bitcoin (BTC) Will Go To Fund 1000 Vertical Farms For The PHI Community To Be Able To Use Their PHI (Φ) To Purchase Fresh Produce.

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PHI Network Will Begin To Fund & Build Electricity Solutions That PHI (Φ) Holders Will Be Able To Purchase With Their Φ. There Will Be A Complete PHI Network Electricity Grid That Will Power All Of PHI Networks Resources With Renewable Clean Energy. Holders Will Benefit From Electricity Using Their PHI (Φ) Starting In Select Locations Once The PHI Community Contributes Bitcoin (BTC) Equaling 1,000,000 PHI.

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PHI Network Will Begin To Build Housing For PHI Network Members. Members Will Be Able To Purchase State Of The Art Living Facilities With PHI (Φ).

Apartments, Homes & Luxury Complexes Will Be Built For PHI Network Holders To Use Their PHI To Own & Use As They See Fit. Housing Production Will Begin Building Once The PHI Community Contributes Bitcoin (BTC) Equaling 2,500,000 PHI (Φ). Contribute Today For A Better Tomorrow!

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PHI Network Will Build Its Own Global Satellite Infrastructure To Power The Phinet Which Will Be The PHI Networks Upgraded Private Version Of The Internet. It Will Be Powered By PHI Networks Electricity Grid & Members Will Be Able To Pay For Their Usage With PHI (Φ). Once The PHI Community Contributes Bitcoin (BTC) Equaling 5,000,000 PHI (Φ). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Go To PHI.Network/register

  • or go to PHI.Network Click Enter Then On Login Page Hit Create New Wallet
  • Alternatively use your crypto wallet to register by going to PHI.Network click login with crypto wallet or click here  then click login with crypto wallet this will create a new account with the username as your crypto wallet address. 
  • You can create a wallet address with a custom username by creating an account with an email. Once account is created with custom available username you can link any amount of crypto wallets you would like to login.

2) Fill Out Information

  • Username/wallet address (This Will Be Used To Receive Funds & Be Mentioned On PHI.NETWORK)
  • Email Address (Provide A Valid Email Address)
  • A Strong Password Is Required (Treat PHI.NETWORK With The Level Of Security You Would Your Traditional Bank Account 2FA Also Available For Additional Security)
  • Phone Number(PHI Can Be Sent & Received By Members Using Phone Numbers (Choose Who can see Phone Number Information)
  • Also Available Is The Use Of Facebook Account Creation By Hitting The Facebook Icon. PHI.Network Account Will Be Created Using Your Facebook Information.
  • Use your Google account to create & login to PHI.Network by clicking the google logo on login or registration form.  

3) Click Sign Up

  • You Will Automatically Be Redirected To Your New PHI.Network Profile

Welcome & Congratulations 

PHI.Network Rewards Users In Many Ways & Will Vary Depending on What Point Of Development the Entire Network Is In.

Mining Rewards are set to reward users at a given rate for a specific action on the network.

If Mining Rewards are enabled a list will display at this location PHI.Network/rewards

A PHI.Network Member Can Increase Mining Rewards By Purchasing PHI.

Badges For Additional Mining Rewards aka HashRate can be found at PHI.Network/mine-phi

  • On PHI.Network Mobile App Can Be Found In Smart Menu In the Bottom Left Hand Corner
  • The Icon With The Hand Receiving Money (Click To See How You Can Increase Your Mining Rewards)

Apple Directions:

  1. At The Bottom Of Your Screen Click The Share Icon.
    • (Box With Up Arrow)
    • (Middle Of Bottom Bar)
  2. Click “Add To Home Screen”
    • (Underneath “Find On Page”)
    • (Above “Mark Up”)
  3. Click “Add”
    • (Top Right Hand Corner Of Screen)
  4. PHI.Network Mobile App Is Now Added To Your Apple Device.

Android Directions:

  1. Top Right Hand Corner Click The Three Vertical Dots
  2. Click “Add To Home Screen”
    • (Underneath “Translate”)
    •  (Above “Desktop Site”)
  3. Click “Add To Home Screen”
  4. Click “Add To Home Screen Again”
  5. PHI.Network Mobile App Is Now Added To Your Android Device.



PHI (Φ) is PHI network’s native and primary token.

BUY Phicash (Φ$)

Phicash (Φ$) Is An Algorithmic Stable Coin Pegged To The United States Dollar ($USD).

2) Follow Purchase Instructions.

3) Congratulations You Have Purchased PHI

Need More Instructions Click Here And Follow This Guide.

PHI Smart Chain is a open-source DAG programable smart contracts platform built for decentralized and enterprise-level applications, in one highly scalable ecosystem.
PHI Network is home for digital store of value, decentralized infrastructure, and applications, ready and built to scale for global usage and adoption.
It is compatible and interoperable with Ethereum and other EVM networks, and Solidity is natively compatible, making it easy and quick for Ethereum developers to build, deploy, or fork from existing open-source infrastructure built on other networks.
A noticeable difference between PHI Network and other decentralized networks is the structuring of our consensus protocol. It leverages on a novel concept named Hybrid Consensus Algorithm, and ensures decentralization, quick finality, and high throughput, without compromising on scalability and energy efficiency.
PHI- or Φ – is the native token of PHI Network.
It is a low supply and scarce asset that is used to pay for usage fees, to secure PHI public ledgers, as a means of exchange, payment, and as a basic unit of account for applications and protocols.
Validators receive Φ as reward for sealing a block, and part of the usage fees users pay for submitting transactions to the network’s public ledger.
Powering Decentralized Infrastructure
Public Ledger
PHI Smart Chain 
official public ledgers, PHI (mainnet),
PHI Network can also be deployed on a private and controlled environment, which is ideal for governmental, development, and enterprise-level applications. Our company also develops and maintains a full suite of applications that facilitate and promote the usage of PHI Network with privately controlled ledgers, that allows users to create and deploy a production blockchain with just a few clicks.
Compatibility & Interoperability
PHI Smart Chain leverages on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for its smart contracts, and this means that its platforms, tokens, protocols, and dApps are compatible and interoperable with other networks that uses the same algorithm to calculate addresses, and EVM for smart contract compatibility.
Some major examples of other networks that can be deemed compatible with PHI Network are Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom Opera, and Binance Smart Chain.
Hybrid Consensus Algorithm
Hybrid Consensus Algorithm, or HCA for short, is a novel structuring standard for decentralized infrastructure, which ensures speed, high throughput, and quick finality, without compromising security and decentralization.
Key Features
Speed & Block Size
PHI Smart Chain can achieve finality in just a few seconds, with a block size on average 100000x greater than most other blockchain networks. The structure PHI uses to validate and seal blocks also strongly influences the blocks’ mining time. This allows better management of difficulty and hashpower to achieve optimal performance and consistency.
The security inherent to the PoW mechanism is present on PHI Network while still allowing it to enjoy all the benefits – including the low energy consumption – of PoS and PoA networks.
High Throughput
The greater block size, aligned with PHI’s novel HCA mechanism, allows a consistent minimum of 9,995tps, and upwards of 1,000,000tps while processing raw transactions, compared to about 7tps on Bitcoin and 13tps on Ethereum (Eth1.0).
Smart Contract Compatible
PHI Smart Chain leverages the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to offer smart contract functionality, meaning it is 100% compatible with any platform coded in Solidity and/or deployed on any other EVM, making it possible for developers to migrate over.
Low Cost
The transaction costs are minimal, and PHI has influence mechanisms to ensure it always remains this way.

The basic difference between a Custodial Vs Non-custodial wallet is that in custodial the private key is held by a third party and in non-custodial, users are themselves responsible and in full control of their assets.

In centralization, the power and the authority are concentrated in the hands of the central government, which takes decisions and performs most functions. Conversely, in decentralization, power and responsibilities are dispersed and distributed across regions and areas.

decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes called a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC),is an organization constructed by rules encoded as a computer program that is often transparent, controlled by the organization’s members and not influenced by a central government, in other words they are member-owned communities without centralized leadership.A DAO’s financial transaction records and program rules are maintained on a blockchain.

PHI Network Mobile APP
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